Nahaia Active Organics Proudly Made In New Zealand

Nahaia Active Organics is more than just a natural organic skin care range. It’s active and clinically verified to give you anti aging results. We proudly manufacture Nahaia Active Organics under strict GMP standards in New Zealand with a certified Organic Manufacturer. 

“In alignment with Nahaia philosophy of conscious living, She wanted to create an anti-ageing and organic skincare range that would help raise awareness. If formulated correctly, organic skin care can transform skin and give just as good a result, if not better, as any chemical anti-ageing skin care minus the risks or harmful side effects.”

Clean, green, NZ-made skincare pioneering vegan, whole-food, and nutritional focused skincare to transform your skin! Active ingredients from France, and special synergistic infusions of herbs and fruits!

 At Nahaia Active Organics we value the people and companies we do business, Nahaia product range is suitable for multiple segments such as but not limited to 

Beauty & Cosmetics Distributors & Resellers | SPA | Resorts | Beauty Salons | Wellness & Yoga Centres | Natural Practitioners | Integrative Medical Specialists.