We are delighted to have such a wonderful and diversified brand ambassador. Our ambassadors are our brand face they represent us, having a team from all over the world, reflect on our vision of beauty beyond borders.

Each one of our brand ambassadors have amazing social interaction they are active within their communities, talented and wonderful people from all over the world. We are grateful to have wonderful team working with us, helping us spread awareness about our organic and toxic free skin care, and the benefit of all aspect of using it. "I take this opportunity to thank all of them for the amazing support they given us, we love you all" Nahaia Russ


Rachel is passionate about the arts (everything about the arts) She loves travelling and dream of seeing the world, getting to meet different people, share their culture and language. Rachel is deeply passionate about psychology too, getting to know how the mind works fascinates me and one day, soon enough, she intend to study developmental psychology to help children with developmental psychological challenges attain their higher self. She is also a writer in training and deeply in love with art, alternative music, photography and whatever is beautiful. Rachel believes she has so many sides yet to explore and enjoying the journey so far.


Michaiah is an entrepreneur having started her first business at 18 years of age she has worked for herself since then. She has learnt a lot over the years working with highly successful business owners, marketing teams and strategists.

She has had her current business Deluxe Events and Promotions since 2007 and has worked with a huge number of clients in that time including Smashbox, MAC, Playboy International, TVNZ, Big Boys Toys, Vodafone, Samsung, Harvey Norman, Movember, Taste Magazine, Verve Clicquot, Fujifilm, AA, Burger Fuel, Sony, Westpac, Porsche Motorsport, Hyundai, Honda, Rinnai, Highlife Entertainment, ATEED and many many more providing them with events, business development, brand activations and marketing solutions.


I am Kimi from Taiwan, I love to travel all around the world and explore! I was also on a working holiday in Australia for 2 years, which was amazing I enjoyed it and learned a lot, that's why I love the nature of Australia and New Zealand. I love organic products thanks to my experience before. Especially, I used rose oil to get through the dry winter in Australia and New Zealand.


Valentina Chirico is an Italian archaeologist, living her expat life in the UK to graduate in Egyptology. She did! Online since 2009, she is a content creator and editor at where she writes about her beauty experiences and independent fashion.

Valentina followed her mom in the beauty industry but soon she found her love for writing and aesthetic compositions.

She is passionate about foreign languages and travelling; she aims to mix writing, archaeology and beauty.


I feel excited to have an opportunity to be the brand ambassador of Nahaia because I love organic and nature things before I met this brand! For keeping a sense of ritual in my daily life I like to read or immerse in the music with an organic candle in my bedroom after work or like I’ve been aware of my diet for a long time which makes me choose nature food more than manufactured one. Products from Nahaia can let me implement my “nature&organic” idea to more aspects in my life!