Nahaia Active Organics Mission And Values

Our Mission


NAHAIA Active Organics is on a mission to provide leading edge breakthrough transformational formulas from cosmeceuticals to * cosmo-transformational that give optimal anti-aging results that are also organic and non-toxic. The ethos behind everything we do is that people are holistic beings on a journey to higher consciousness and higher potential, so all our products are created with conscious injection of Vedic chanted love, harmony, oneness and positive vibrations.

Our Soulfully Crafted Cosmeceutical Grad Organic Skin Care range provides easy to follow protocols that help our customers skin feel more healthy, youthful, energised and radiant, making their skin glow. 

Our Cosmo-transformational products and programs inspire and support women, and men, to experience more self love, self acceptance, self expression, confidence and higher consciousness.

Our Principles


Next Generation Skincare

Purity – Adhering to strict Natural and Organic certification guidelines ensures that our products are free of any toxic ingredients that are harmful to humans or our waterways. We also have in process vegan accreditation, and our unique ‘energetics of love’ formulas are patent pending.

Potency – Active organic cosmeceutical ingredients from Europe, New Zealand & Australia, combine the most potent herbal extracts, plant peptides, colloidal gold, 24Ct gold leaf, vital nutrients and whole food ingredients to deliver optimal anti-aging results, as good as (if not better) than any big name brand anti-ageing skin care.

Integrity – We claim 100% natural ingredients and 0% synthetic ingredients. We honor the true meaning of “Natural” and “Organic” and do not take advantage of the legislative loopholes that allow other skincare programs to put synthetic ingredients in their products, yet still use the Natural and Organic label. All our ingredients have to be beneficial food for the skin so we have no fillers, no synthetics. The Organic % is listed on our packaging and we use the certified organic ingredient if it is available.

Consciousness – Anything we do with higher consciousness is going to have a better result than anything we do unconsciously. This is why we add the high vibrational energies of vedic chanting and conscious injection during our manufacturing process.

Connection – Connecting the right ingredients that creates synergistic results is of supreme importance in all our products and programs.

Divinity – Be Divine, Be You! When we feel more alive, vital, and our skin is glowing we also feel more connected to our inner beauty that comes from our divine source. When we connect to our divine source we radiate out our unique essence and glow.

Results – Getting results for our customers fulfils our mission. Therefore providing optimum results in our products and programs are always at the forefront of everything we do and every decision we make.




Nature has given us bountiful gifts, which enhance our health, wellbeing and beauty.  We should respect our health, and the health of nature and the planet.In the same way that a healthy diet rich with whole foods nourishes our body from within, powerful phyto-nutrients in skin care synergise with the skin, delivering outstanding results, naturally.

  • We value Love & Happiness
  • We value Optimal results
  • We value healing on all levels.