Unique characteristics

The Unique characteristics in our products are:

Phyto Actives:

Detoxifying and purifying active botanicals, enzymes and organisms. These have science based therapeutic effects to enhance the skin with deep cleansing,cell renewing, antioxidant and DNA protection properties depending on the active included in each product.

Amino Peptide Complex:

Oligo-peptides from the native protein of a seed give anti ageing effects on the skin. Hibiscus seeds for example helps to reduce muscle contraction,reducing the formation of expression lines. This also helps to preserve optimal skin elasticity offering a comprehensive anti-wrinkle approach.

Stabilised Vitamin C:

Vitamin C is contained at the highest level before skin lightening in night time moisturizing treatment, gives skin better clarification and improved skin tone by nourishing skin with nutrition.

Vitamin E and Beta Carotene:

Highest quality vitamin E D-Alpha tocopherol non synthetic form for quality skin results including hydration and anti oxidant properties. Beta carotene is micronised and sourced from seaweed that is absorbed into the skin for ultimate anti oxidant and skin clarifying results.

USA Native Plant and Botanical extracts:

Infusion or tincture is made from various native plants and combined into each formula for their beneficial properties accordingly. This includes minerals, cleansing and foaming properties.

Natural Enzymes:

Stimulate cell renewal of the epidermis layer. Has a mild keratolytic effect (mild exfoliation, smoothing) and revives the skin with significant accelerated cell renewal at pH 6 close to the skin physiology pH.

Whole Food Based Ingredients:

Edible ingredients include coconut cream, lemon juice, moong, blueberry, seaweed, apple, aloe vera, vitamin c, evening primrose oil, vitamin e, lecithin,papaya, cold pressed oils, herbal extracts, fruit essences, beta carotene and glycerine.

Nutrients and Minerals including gold:

Vitamin C, Beta Carotene, Vitamin E, all food type ingredients, extracts that are high anti-oxidants i.e grape extract, herbal extractions including oats, licorice, marshmallow, sage and corriander for minerals and nutritional aspect. Colloidal gold is used in many of the products for benefit to skin with cellrejuvenation and increased vibrational aspect.

Activated Living Water:

Grandier living water, Grandier scientist and developer founded the system that purifies and activates water into the perfect water molecule for enhanced absorption into the skin.

Micro-vita Love:

Potentised water of micro vita (smaller than atoms) is infused into the living water and added to the formulas for an energetic feeling of loving care whenapplying the creams.

Our ‘Sun Care’ is a natural sun care range, where state of the art small particle technology zinc is blended with native plant extracts to provide a high SPF without the whiteness that zinc oxide normally gives. This product is blended to provide a high water resistance that is natural resin, from plant extract.

Nahaia Russ researched over 350 plant extracts to find her results with UV protection in the 6 plant extracts used.

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