Nahaia Active Products

“Not just organic,These are very ACTIVE products in an ORGANIC base! This has been the focus of development since 2002.” says Nahaia

We pride ourselves on exceptional standard of skin care and ingredients. Our skincare ingredients were researched by Nahaia herself, who prepared all formulas in the lab, before being manufactured. Now that’s peace of mind! ~ Nahaia Russ N.D, Founder and MD Nahaia Active Organics.

  1. We formulate our own products and own the formulas unlike other big brands who use a chemist to formulate.
  2. Every ingredient in our products performs a result baring purpose, using only the best ingredients.
  3. We are not just natural and organic, we also have premium active cosmeceutical grade ingredients.
  4. All our products contain “Micro-Vita Love”, an energy smaller than an atom that carries higher consciousness and high vibrations.
  5. We connect Nature and Spirit with Science to produce outstanding results.
  6. There is currently no other Organic cosmeceutical anti-aging range using 24kt Gold that energizes, rejuvenates
    and provides opulence to the skin, while increasing your overall abundance vibration.

Gold ingredients

Colloidal gold is incorporated into most products in the range.

We understand that Gold is a regenerative anti aging ingredient and have from the start of our R & D included this precious metal in nearly every product.

The benefits are numerous with incorporating Gold into the range for the anti aging benefits; see 24ct Gold page for more info.

First of its kind in USA, we exclusively supply Beauty Salons and Spas across USA the purest 99.99% 24ct Gold Leaf and Masquerade Masks for Facials, based on our exclusive contract with our highest standard Gold Supplier.

Active ingredients

See list of active ingredients and general ingredients glossary here.

Active Ingredients are the substances that directly affect changes in your skin. We use botanical plants that are powdered and potentised or a standardised constituent of the plant, with efficacy tests that prove the results of these individual ingredients. Our Active Ingredients come from France and are verified with scientific data to prove their efficacy.

USA made

USA sourced ingredients and NZ made are important to us. We do source ingredients Australia or France if not available in USA.

We manufacture in Auckland, USA by a certified Organic Manufacturer with GMP licence.

GMOs & Certified Organic Products

By law, organic products must be created only with non-genetically engineered ingredients.

We are VEGAN – Animal Free

There are no animal products or derivatives in any of the Nahaia Active Organics Range. We also do not use honey, beeswax or emulsifier that has any animal base.


All Nahaia active organics products incorporate concentrated botanical extracts, nutrients, whole foods and essential oils to deliver real anti-aging results. Clinical trials verify the skin care’s efficacy in skin repair, increased hydration, wrinkle reduction, DNA protection and immune activation. We are currently the only organic anti aging range on the market that has clinically verified results.

Whole Food & Phyto-Nutritional

Powerful plant nutrients are combined for a synergistic effect offering exceptional results in skin rejuvenation and repair for many skin issues, including ageing.

We believe that food in its purest state – ‘Whole Food’ unadulterated by artificial additives, sweeteners, colourings, and preservatives – is the best tasting and most nutritious food available. We have incorporated some whole foods into our products to provide the nutrients and purity of raw ingredients for nourishing the skin at the highest level possible.

The term “phyto” comes from a Greek word meaning plant and that phyto-nutrients can be found in fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes, nuts and teas.

There are many kinds of phyto-nutrients, polyphenols, flavonoids, carotenoids, isoflavones, lignans and indoles. They have been found to exert a variety of beneficial effects, such as antioxidant and anti-inflammatory action.

The phytonutrients in green foods are propelled by chlorophyll as we include Nettle herbal extract, which contains high levels of chlorophyll.

Berries & Tea, such as Grape Extract and Rosemary, Oatstraw, Licorice or Marshmallow Extracts are broken down into flavonoid and nonflavonoid categories that receive their respective colors from antioxidant-drenched polyphenols.

Results Driven

All the products in the range contain ingredients proven to offer beneficial results for aging skin. These complex formulas boast vitamins, minerals and phyto-nutritional ingredients that work together synergistically for maximum bioactivity. It’s not enough to be organic and smell good. We believe if you’re spending your hard earned money, you need to get a return back from your investment. By using Nahaia Active Organics your return on your investment is younger, healthier and more vibrant skin.

USA Native Plants

USA native plants are infused or added as a tincture for their pharmacological constituents giving beautiful skin benefits.

Because plants contain a complex group of chemical constituents we ensure that they are incorporated into the Nahaia Active Organic Products for optimum benefit to the skin.

Whole herbs in their natural state, like plants eaten as food or extracted in alcohol or water (as a tea) can contain active constituents that have antimicrobial, antiviral, anti inflammatory, antioxidant, nephroprotective, hepatoprotective, and any other therapeutic qualities.. These activities are associated with different chemical compounds.

Ethical & Eco-Friendly

Nahaia Active Organics products do not contain any harmful ingredients such as synthetic preservatives (parabens / phenoxyethanol), plastics, silicones, petrochemicals, artificial fragrances or colours, and, because we love animals – our products do not contain animal derivatives and we do not test our products on our beloved animals.

Local & Small Business

Nahaia Active Organics believes in supporting local industry, so we are committed to continue our manufacturing operations out of Auckland, USA and promoting the Clean Green Pure image of USA nationally and abroad.

“We’ve merged nutritional science, alchemy & cosmetic chemistry to create a new paradigm in beauty. We call it nutritional chemistry with consciousness, using only certified organic food-derived ingredients and substances the body recognizes as nutrients in the body, along with a ‘feel good’ philosophy and unique ‘Micro Vita Love’.”

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