Nahaia Active Organics is a ‘New Zealand made’ anti-aging & organic skin care range, available at medi-spas, salons, spa retreats & natural health practitioners. We offer more than just a natural organic skin care range. It’s active and clinically verified to give you anti-aging results. We proudly manufacture Nahaia Active Organics under strict GMO standards in New Zealand with a certified Organic Manufacturer.

We produce soulfully crafted, cosmeceutical grade, organic skin care that helps our customers skin feel youthful and radiant, making their skin glow with love.

Nahaia Russ N.D.


All NAHAIA skincare contains “Micro-Vita Love” which incorporates an energy smaller than an atom that carries higher consciousness and high vibrations for enhanced positivity, peace & love on application.


All NAHAIA premium skincare contain Colloidal Gold & our 24kt Gold skincare collection contains 24kt Gold amongst 3 types of Gold in total, which promises to energize, rejuvenate and give opulence to the skin, while increasing your overall abundance and love vibration.


A New Zealand holistic skincare range developed by Nahaia for mind, body and spirit assisting your ‘journey of eternal love’ in daily beauty rituals. Using a strict criteria of vegan, natural & organic pure ingredients such as Crystal Hyaluronic Acid, Colloidal Gold, 24ct Gold & Active Plant Extracts to give you the highest efficacy in ‘results based’ skincare for glowing healthy skin. Since 2004.

What Our clients Say


I have been using the Schumann Intensive C Moisturizer 15g pot regularly for a month now and can feel the difference. Put it this way: when I don't use it, I notice the EMF symptoms return! It has a lovely smooth consistency with a pleasant aroma, and I apply it sparingly to the temples, forehead, throat, and back of the neck. I feel uplifted and calm, have a clear mind, and experience no headaches in the evening. I have also experienced improved deep sleep, which is wonderful.

Rebecca Mallitte

Best Skincare! I have been using Nahaia Active Organics for many years and have always loved how effective, natural, and gentle their products are. I have also tried other brands over the years to compare and see if there are better products out there. I can honestly say that Nahaia products are the best—the results are undeniable. All my family and friends agree. We now exclusively use the NAHAIA 24ct Gold range; Liquid Gold and Intensive C are amazing! I am constantly recommending these products to people I know. Conscious, ethical products that actually work!

Sophie Gao

I am feeling so blessed and grateful to have found Nahaia Active Organics. I have absolutely fallen in love with Liquid Gold, as well as the Sea-Me-Cleanse mask. I noticed a visible difference in my skin with just a couple of uses of Liquid Gold on my face. This product is a real treasure. I can’t wait to try all the other products. Thank you, Nahaia! Because of you, I have learned the difference between so-called organic products and Nahaia Active Organics products. I rate them 10/10.

Harinder Reehal
Spa Owner, Ontario, Canada

I would not be without Nahaia Active Organics and highly recommend these products to anyone looking for ‘that product with an edge’ to improve skin tone, clarity, and hydration. You can feel the active ingredients working in harmony with your skin and also feel safe and reassured knowing that there are no harmful ingredients that can aggravate or damage your skin. I particularly like the Coconut Cream Cleanser, Radiant Light, and Botrix Me, plus the Intensive C and Liquid Gold for nighttime. These products are energetic, and you can feel a good vibration infuse into your daily routine.

Caroline Mansfield

Nahaia’s products have transformed my skin! I am in my 40s and have always struggled with acne, so good skincare is essential. My skin was very dehydrated from years of using products to manage breakouts, which was working against my aging skin. I started using the Coconut Cream Cleanser and had incredible results, which led me to using Nahaia’s other products. I was never able to use moisturizers without breakouts, but with Botrix-Me and Liquid Gold, I have no issues. I mix the sunscreen with Radiant Light for a smooth finish under makeup. The Ultra Fade made a big difference in minimizing acne scarring and fading unwanted spots, so I highly recommend using that as well. My skin now looks rejuvenated, pores are smaller, and it has an all-around glow. I love the purity and integrity of Nahaia’s products, and the customer service is top-notch!

St. John, USA